Gabe B

“You will not find a more overqualified Realtor. Anne’s background and education allow her to truly grasp the total scope of a home buying/selling process. Anne is well-networked and has a team of service professionals that can come in and get those little (and big) things done to help a property close quickly.

I’ve referred my closest friends to Anne and I wouldn’t hesitate to do it again. In a place (Marin County) where real estate is so expensive, making a referral to a realtor requires a lot of trust. I always thought there were only 2 things my friends could do after a referral to a Realtor; Thank me for years to come or never talk to me again. After referring my friends to Anne, I discovered there’s a 3rd option; refer their friends to Anne as well.

Anne is such a slam-dunk referral. Your friends and loved ones will be thanking you for years to come.”

— Vendor referral